Employment Opportunities
Camp Host

The Host position is designed to share the load of welcoming and providing hospitality to all groups at Camp Pine Lake. The Host will be considered a right-hand of the Camp Director, and whether an individual, couple or family, must be prepared to support all general camping operations. The Host must be a committed Christian of sound character and will report directly to the Director. The Director is responsible for hiring this position.


Duties will be assigned by the Director. Depending on skill set, prior experience and talents, the Host could be expected to:

  • Welcome and host outside rental groups, including Airbnb throughout the year

  • Assist in cleaning and preparing the property for use

  • Assist in property maintenance and special projects as needed

  • Assist in kitchen management and food preparation and serving

  • Assist with Church of the Brethren camps, if desired by the Director

  • Participate in staff training, if desired by the Director

  • Carry him or herself as a person of integrity and leadership - at and outside of camp

  • Take on special projects in line with his or her gifts as designed with the Director

  • Be flexible to take on work and leadership that needs done at the time - a willingness to jump into the kitchen, help with cleaning or anything to keep camp moving

  • As always, of course, other duties as assigned


Compensation Details
This position will be compensated with housing on the camp property. The home is a three-bedroom, one bath home with an attached two stall garage. A fair market rental value for this home is $600 per month. 


At a pay rate of $15 per hour, the Host must commit to an average of 80 hours of camp work per month for six months. The total value of living in the home is $7,200 annually.


All utilities will be transferred to the Host’s name and paid by the Host.

If you are interested in a summer position for next season, please contact Betsy Kuecker at camppinelakedirector@gmail.com or 641-939-5334.

Summer Staff

Summer Staff at Camp Pine Lake do it all, from facilities to food to program. In the course of the season, Summer Staff learn what it takes to make camp happen. Half of the summer is spent facilitating camp for the Church of the Brethren campers, with a primary focus on program, and half of the summer is spent providing support and logistics for rental camps that utilize the Camp Pine Lake facility.


As a small camp adjacent to Pine Lake State Park, we thrive on the creativity of all our staff and look to empower each Summer Staff member that comes to Camp Pine Lake.


Summer Staff arrive at camp somewhere around the last week of May or first week of June and work through the first week of August.


The person filling this position:

1. Needs to respect the ministry of Camp Pine Lake and be willing to work toward the fulfillment of our Mission Statement.

2. Needs to have an understanding of their own faith journey and be on a track to continue to work at their faith during their time of employment.

3. Must be 19 years old and needs to be at least two years older than supervised campers. One full year out of high school. Work schedule and assignments will be determined by age.

4. Needs to have an attitude compatible with servant leadership.

5. Must be able to work with persons of all ages, and willing to work in all areas of operation.

6. Needs to have appropriate emotional maturity and stability.

7. Needs to accept the Responsibilities of Summer Staff.

If you are interested in a summer position for next season, please contact Betsy Kuecker at camppinelakedirector@gmail.com or 641-939-5334.

Kitchen Staff

If you love to work as a team preparing great quality food for fun loving campers this job is for you.  Your responsibilities may include but are not limited to food preparation, dish washing, keeping kitchen organized and clean, food ordering, working with vendors and local food bank, and developing and planning healthy delicious meals. 


Food service experience is not required but is a plus.  If you are interested in applying, please contact Camp Pine Lake at camppinelakedirector@gmail.com or 641-939-5334.