A sanctuary.
A safe place where Heaven and Earth come together.


Provide a comfortable, safe and nonjudgmental environment for all to 

  • Come to know God as Creator and Sustainer

  • Develop knowledge of the Bible and an appreciation for the Church

  • Grow in Discipleship

  • Create new and long lasting relationships in a christian community

  • Stimulate a desire to share God's love with others



Matt and Betsy Kuecker // Camp Directors

Matt and Betsy moved to Camp Pine Lake in 2009 to serve as managers and worked together until 2013. Matt has been the property manager since 2013, and the couple made the commitment to lead the camp again in 2020.

Betsy grew up attending CPL, and both she and Matt took part in Church of the Brethren youth events in high school. Both are members of Ivester Church of the Brethren, but still have a lot of love for their home church - Prairie City Church of the Brethren.

Matt and Betsy love the outdoors, are expert paddlers and know the Iowa River like the back of their hands. Matt and Betsy have three young children who love CPL as much as they do.

Rhonda Pittman Gingrich // Program Director

Matt Kuecker // Property Manager

Matt has served as the Property Manager since 2012, and shared the role of Camp Administrator with his wife, Betsy, for four years prior. Matt has helped guide CPL through a significant renovation of Friendship Lodge and significant work all over camp after a massive hail storm in 2009. He continues to keep camp looking its best through his own efforts and his leadership of the many volunteers that help him. When Matt isn't fixing something or finding amazing deals on Craigslist for camp, he is getting into delightful mayhem with his two young sons.



23008 W Ave
Eldora, IA 50627

Rhonda Pittman Gingrich is a lifelong member of and ordained minister in the Church of the Brethren, growing up in the Illinois/Wisconsin District, where she attended Camp Emmanuel as a child. Rhonda’s own experiences as a camper played a critical role in her faith journey and her early experiences as a counselor played an early role in her call to ministry.


She brings a lifetime of experience in camping ministry to her role as Acting Program Director for the summer of 2020. During college she served as a student ambassador for Bridgewater College in Virginia, counseling at Church of the Brethren camps up and down the East Coast. She has also served as a volunteer dean and member of the summer staff at Camp Swatara, a Church of the Brethren Camp in Pennsylvania.


After moving to the Northern Plains District, Rhonda connected with Camp Pine Lake when she brought her older daughter to primary overnight camp for the first time. For the past 10 years she has served as Dean of Middler Camp, nurturing the spiritual lives of both campers and young counselors. Rhonda has passed on her love for camp to her daughters, Sophia (who served as a volunteer counselor for five years before serving on the summer staff in 2019) and Addison (who participated in the counselor-in-training program during the summers of 2018 and 2019).


Rhonda looks forward to continuing to cultivate the sense that Camp Pine Lake is a safe space and a thin place where the lines between heaven and earth are more permeable and we can draw closer to God through worship and study, through the beauty of God’s creation, and through beloved community.


Rhonda lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband, Mark, and two daughters, and attends the Open Circle of the Brethren.

Camp Pine Lake

23008 W Ave Eldora, IA 50627