Junior Youth

Start: Monday, July 20, 10 a.m.  

End: Saturday, July 25, following a family lunch at noon.

Grades completed: 6-8

Fees: $200


Youth explore through worship and activities, learning about themselves and their role in world.

As with all of our camps, we take a break from cell phones and other technology to engage with one another and with God's Creation.   They will also have an afternoon canoe journey on the lake.


Junior Youth also take a special time to reflect on the understandings of human beauty that we receive from God and from culture and how it impacts our relationships with ourselves, each other, and with God. These human body image conversations are guided by our most experienced and trained adult staff in small groups and then in a large group to reflect on the negative impact of the images we receive from popular culture and the positive, alternative values of the gospel.


On the last day, campers will welcome their families to camp to share some of their camp experience and a picnic meal provided by camp.

Camp Pine Lake

23008 W Ave Eldora, IA 50627